The rose garden in March

In the March article, I touched upon the potential lingering grasp of winter's chill. Fortunately, that scenario never came to pass. Instead, we've been met with a deluge of rain extending well into March, an unprecedented occurrence here in Kent.

Remarkably, despite the persistent downpour, the plants in our nursery, potted from mid-November until February, have thrived and flourished. Yet, they eagerly anticipate the arrival of dry, sun-kissed days. Such weather not only bestows a lustrous sheen on their leaves but also fortifies them with enhanced protection and vigor. I have detailed this in our Youtube video, which you can watch below. 


For those who diligently applied fertilizer last month, rest assured it has seamlessly melded into the soil, offering a bountiful reserve of nutrients for the ensuing growing season. Similarly, pruned roses are exhibiting robust growth, sprouting vigorously from buds nestled beneath their sheared stems.


As spring marches on, overwintered aphids emerge from their dormancy. Keep a keen eye on the tender tips of new shoots, where these tiny pests often congregate, seeking sustenance from the sap coursing through fresh foliage. Fear not, for remedies and preventive measures against aphids can be unearthed in our article "Rose Pests and Prevention", tucked away in the Rose Care tab. 

While the relentless wet weather persists, there's little we can do to substantially benefit our beloved plants. Let us eagerly anticipate the cessation of rain and the arrival of sunshine—dry weather heralds the opportunity to administer foliar feeds and protective sprays, nurturing our green companions to their fullest potential.

Turning our attention back to the nursery, we eagerly await the arrival of rootstocks from Holland at the dawn of this week (18th March). Regrettably, post-Brexit regulations compel us to source these vital components from abroad, ensnaring us in a labyrinth of bureaucratic hurdles and customs intricacies. Nevertheless, we persevere, committed to navigating these challenges and sharing our experiences with you.

As we navigate the whims of weather and bureaucracy alike, we extend warm wishes to our readers and customers for a joyous Easter season. May it be filled with renewed growth, vibrant blooms, and the promise of sun-drenched days ahead.

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