Rose Variety Descriptions

Hybrid Teas

The most popular type of rose with large elegant flowers of all colours carried in small groups or singly at the end of each stem. They are repeat flowering and most are highly perfumed. Many hybrid teas make excellent cut flowers.

They can be used as specimen plants, in groups or as a more formal flowering hedge. They are among the tallest of roses, but are easy to contain with good pruning. Average planting distance 60cm.


Generally smaller than Hybrid Teas, floribundas produce a profusion of flowers which are carried in large clusters throught the season. Many are well perfumed and are available in a wide range of single and mixed colours.

They are very effective when planted in groups, in a mixed border or as single plants in a suitable container. The flowers can be cut and used as indoor decoration. Average planting distance 60cm.


As the name suggests these roses are ideal to train on walls, pergolas, obelisks and arches. All of our varieties are free flowering and many are well perfumed, when well established a single rose is able to produce many hundreds of blooms in a season.

Amongst the most spectacular of all flowering shrubs climbing roses can have a dramatic effect within the garden.


Rambling roses are the most vigorous of all roses, they are ideal to grow through trees or to scramble over garden buildings. Flowers are usually small but carried in huge numbers which create a dramatic effect. Most are very highly scented, but only flower once during the season.

We offer a range of newer varieties which have been developed to offer continual flowering, with all of the benefits of the traditional rambling rose.


Patio roses produce masses of small flowers on very compact plants. They offer a real alternative to annual bedding plants, having a longer flowering season, with more flower power and last for many years. They are equally suited for growing in containers or at the front of a border.

We have a selection of climbing patio roses that are ideal for small spaces they grow to about 2m, are easy to train and flower freely throught the length of the plant. Average planting distance 45cm.

Ground Cover Roses

These roses grow horizontally their branches radiating out from the centre to form a ground hugging plant. They are very tough and are virtually resistant to all rose ailments. Excellent to use on steep sunny banks or under a high tree canopy where there is a lot of sunlight.

They flower profusely producing masses of usually single flowers, pruning is very easy being restricted to clipping the plant to the size that is required.

David Austin Shrub Roses

These roses have all the best characteristics of the old fashioned rose but have been improved through careful selection. The flowers come in a variety of forms with excellent perfume and colour range, they are very free flowering.

The plants grow strongly. They make ideal border plants, but can be grown as medium sized climbers or excellent hedges.