Bare root rose plants offer an alternative and less expensive option to potted rose plants when you are considering which type of plant to buy. It is the traditional and more seasonal way in which to buy plants. Which ever you choose both should establish and flower just as well so long as the gardener follows the planting and after care instructions.

Bare root roses

Order from: September

Delivery period: November – March

Bare root roses are lifted directly from the field once the leaves have fallen then packaged and shipped without soil.

Because they have not been potted they are less expensive to buy and less expensive to deliver - so offering you real cost savings especially when ordering larger numbers of plants.

Although the plants look dormant its very important to remember that they are living and their roots must not dry out  - that's why its best to soak before planting and plant as soon as possible after they arrive.

If these basic rules are followed then they should establish and flower just as well as their potted counterparts.