Standard Tree Roses

Standard roses are a delight for gardeners, renowned for their impressive size and the ability to produce a profusion of flowers throughout the summer, making them stand out in any garden. These plants thrive equally well whether placed in large containers or directly in garden soil. Their long, clean stems and deep roots allow for close planting without creating competition for light or moisture, allowing for a harmonious garden landscape.

Our customers frequently inquire about the cultivation of standard roses, and for detailed information on the growing process, you can see how they are grown and cared for below. 


While any rose variety can be grown as a standard, some are more suitable and yield better-shaped plants. We carefully select various rose types to create diverse and visually appealing plant shapes.

Here are some key points about our standard roses:

  • These plants are sold bare-root only.
  • The stems are budded at 100cm above ground level, referred to as full standards.
  • Upon delivery, the overall plant height ranges from 120 to 140 cm, excluding the roots.
  • The plants will come with a bamboo cane attached, serving as a training support to maintain stem straightness. This cane can be left in place during the first year or two after planting.

It is crucial to provide support for the plants, whether grown in the soil or in containers. Standard roses do not self-support for many years, and the preferred method is using a sturdy stake. Gardeners can devise their own solutions based on their specific circumstances.

For container planting, a volume of around 15 liters is recommended. Detailed information can be found in our "Growing Roses in Containers" guide, as well as the "Feeding Roses After Planting" guide in the rose care section on the home page. 

Pruning standard roses follows the same principles as pruning bush roses. Refer to our "Pruning Roses" guide for detailed instructions.

Cultivating standard roses can be a rewarding experience, adding elegance and beauty to any garden. Follow our comprehensive guides to ensure the success of your roses, and may your garden be filled with the joy and splendor of these magnificent blooms.