The rose garden in March

Nursery News this month…

March has played its usual weather tricks coming in like a lamb (a very damp lamb!) and going out like a lion, and the lion weather has continued up till today – 19th April with more rain and sleet showers driven by cold strong winds. This has not been easy growing conditions for us or the plants. The new growth is very soft and prone to tearing and bruising from strong gusty wind and we are needing to prevent the hail marking leaves. On the upside the plants are more forward this year than I can remember – all but the later varieties are in full bud with one or two flowers showing already, something we don’t see usually till mid- May. Our experience is telling us that this may be a false dawn and things have a habit of evening up over the course of the season.

 Our rootstocks in record time from Holland, and in great condition too. We had a brief weather window, when we worked late and got them all planted. This was just as well as it started raining the next day and didn’t stop for a week!

We have been giving the plants a bit of TLC (seaweed and micronutrient sprays) to help them resist the effects of the wind and storms… We can report that so far we have not seen any aphids on the nursery and the buds are doing great:

In terms of your garden news - Established plants should be growing strongly now, bare root plants bought over the last winter should have broken dormancy and started to make new growth, and there’s been plenty of natural rainfall to help them on their way. Roses grown in pots - in their second season or more like wise should be on their way and I would consider giving them a first liquid feed towards the end of the month – our Feeding Roses after Planting article in the Rose Care tab gives ideas and alternative approaches to this. For those that spray against fungal diseases there is sufficient leaf on the plants now to start treatment, remember to use all garden products with respect and target only those plants which you want to protect.

Lastly keep an eye open for aphids – we are not seeing anything so far, but when the weather warms I’m sure they will be arriving in their droves looking for a tasty meal

Happy gardening and if you have any questions please do reach out to us on social media.  






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