Potted roses are the most popular way to buy rose plants online.Because they are available year round and because they are grown in the pot they are easier to handle and make ideal gifts.

Potted Roses

Availability period: All Year

Potted roses are the same plants as bare rot roses except that instead of being dispatched after lifting they are potted into a 4litre pot and then grown on in that pot on our nursery until they are dispatched. The compost we use has all of the goodness the plant needs for up to nine months so as long as the plant is kept moist it will happily stay in the pot until the gardener is ready to plant it out.

Potted roses are ideal because they offer a growing plant that can create an instant impact in the garden as well as affordable and long lasting gifts.

We always aim to send plants that are either in flower or leading up to flower but at certain times of the year after flowering we cut back the stems to encourage new growth and a second flowering.